Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs the camp?

Leaders from local churches linked to Young Life (NYLC) with regular youth work and camps experience.

What about travel?

Parents/ carers are responsible for arranging suitable travel to/ from camps. Some school/ church/ youth groups may arrange travel together.

What about safety?

We have thee appropriate policies, procedures and risk assessements in place.

Kit list

Please pay close attention to the kit list (available on the camp pages). To make the most out of your time on camp you will need to bring the right cloting. We suggest that any high value items are left at home.

What about insurance?

Personal and public liability insurance is provided by the National Young Life Holidays (YLH). YLH is fully covered for public liability. Please take out personal insurance if you wish to take out cover against personal accident, cancellation, illness and loss of personal items. YLH cannot accept liability for any claim made resulting in the loss of or damage to personal property.

Privacy Policy

By comopleting the booking form, you consent for us to keep and process your information in line with our Privacy Policy.

Personal Conduct

There is a no smoking and no alcohol policy. We do not allow posession or use of any substances classified as illegal by HM Government.

What about Photos?

Each camp has a designated photographer who will take photos during the camp. All Photos will be. stored and processed by Arnesby Camps. Photos will then be selected and made available through the website/ Arnesby Camps Social Media accounts.

How do I book?

Please fill in the booking form available on the camps pages (on this website) ASAP to make sure you get a place.

What if I cancel?

If you need to cancel for what ever reason, please contact us immediately. If you cancel less than 1 month before the camp start date or if a camper is sent home we cannot guarentee to refund booking fees.

Any comments?

We welcome your comments in order to continue to improve our camps. If there is a problem with a camp please contact us immediately and we will do our best to find a satisfactory solution. We also welcome your constructive and positive feedback about the camps.

Terms and conditions

We expect everyone who comes on the camps to be fully involved in every aspect of the programme, including activities, teaching times, meal times and daily rotors. Arnesby Camps reserves the right to refuse any applications and alter or cancel the camp where necessary. There will be no access for the opposite sex in the designated sleeping areas. In the interests of safety, good communication and the avoidance of nuisance, the ose of any personal audio equipment and phones will not be permitted. Staff and group leaders have access. to phones in the case of emergency.